Thursday, 4 September 2008

Searcher #6

as by Josh Edwards
Diamond, November 1991

John Stone didn't expect too much from the Texas range – just the chance to be reunited with the only woman he loved. But that was before he laid eyes on Cassandra Whiteside, the beautiful mistress of the Triangle Spur ranch…and a dead ringer for his long lost Marie. It doesn't take long for Stone to get on the bad side of the old colonel who calls the Triangle Spur and Cassandra his private property. Soon Stone has added a pair of scheming cowhands and the wicked owner of a rival ranch to his dance card of enemies. Who said ranchers live longer than soldiers?

This is another excellent entry in the SEARCHER series.

Josh Edwards, a pseudonym for Leonard Levinson, writes a fast paced book that keeps the reader guessing to the outcome, as Stone's enemies grow in number to what must be unbeatable odds.

All the characters are superbly portrayed, many having dark secrets. There's even an ex-slave of Stone's, who swears he'll kill Stone the first chance he gets.

One of my favourite characters has to be the man who lives in a cave who says Stone will end his days living in one too, it's the safest place to be. A man full of despair, like Stone. It's no wonder they decide to go to Kansas because if they're lucky the Comanche will kill them on the way!

Stone's big drunk, on a night in town, leads to some terrific scenes, such as a drunken gunfight in a bar that sees neither Stone or his opponent able to hit anything they aim at.

And what of Stone's search for Marie? Maybe it's ended with the heart- stopping discovery of a woman who looks just like her. I guess you'll have to read the book to find out.

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