Tuesday, 30 September 2008

The Gunsmith #26

as by J. R. Roberts
Charter March ’84

Bank robberies are common in the Idaho territory. But when the Wido bank is robbed, and a deputy found dead with a strange puncture wound, that is unusual. For once, Clint Adams vows not to get involved as he moves on with his traveling gunsmith shop.

But when the Gunsmith meets a beautiful young girl who is fleeing for her life, all his resolve vanishes. The girl has a bizarre tale to tell about a circus run by an Italian master criminal. And before he knows it, the Gunsmith is up against the strangest band of outlaws the West has ever seen!

An early entry into this long running series sees Clint Adams, The Gunsmith, portrayed as a much harder character than now days. Quick with his gun, and quick to use it, this book is filled with action, more or less non-stop and quite graphic in places.

Here the Gunsmith finds himself battling a circus full of criminals who have an ingenious way of carrying out robberies that leaves no tracks. The criminals are made up of a strange mix of people including an aborigine, complete with boomerang, lion tamer and Italian acrobats. The final chase and showdown takes place on modes of transport not often read about in westerns.

The book, like most of the series, is easy to read and moves along at great pace. If you’re a Gunsmith fan, or just have a passing interest in the series, you should enjoy this one.

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