Monday, 30 June 2014

The Hangrope Posse

By Scott Connor
Hale, June 2014

When Sherwood Drake was accused of stealing the railroad payroll, The Hangrope Posse lynched him before anyone could prove his guilt – but the money remained missing.

Seven years later, his sons Braxton and Martin ride into Shady Grove looking for answers. They doubt they will find the missing money, or their father’s killers, but when the lynch mob unexpectedly returns to Shady Grove, the Drake boys face a force of mindless terror.

As more bodies swing and the boundaries of justice become blurred, Braxton and Martin Drake venture to find an answer to the important question: was their father’s death justified, or just another unlucky hand in a cruel game of fate?

Scott Connor once again gives his readers a fast moving tale that contains strong mystery elements. Who are/were the Hangrope Posse? Did their father steal the money? Where is the money now?

The two brothers find themselves taking on separate jobs, unbeknown to each other they both become entwined within the same plot. Both having many people on their suspect list as Scott Connor masterfully creates an air of suspicion over everyone.

Not just content with firing many questions at his heroes – and readers – Connor suddenly springs a terrific twist to the tale that proves to be the first of many. These surprises combined with some superb action scenes make this book a joy to read.

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