Saturday, 28 June 2014

The Devil's Ambush

By Peter Brandvold
Mean Pete Press, June 2014

Lou Prophet and his sometime-sidekick, sometime-lover Louisa Bonaventure are lured to an old, abandoned cavalry outpost in southeast Colorado, and ambushed. Louisa is badly wounded. While the Vengeance Queen teeters on the edge of death, Prophet hunts the seven nightriders who tried to kick them both out with a cold shovel. So doing, he runs into a town teeming with scandalous secrets and seven devils who must pay for their sins in blood…. 

The Devil’s Ambush is the 12th book in Peter Brandvold’s popular Lou Prophet series and is available as an ebook only. This is a must read for followers of the series and I can’t really say why as it’d spoil the story for those wanting to read it.

Peter Brandvold hooks the reader with a couple of questions almost from the word go. Who sent the letters that brings Prophet and Louisa to the deserted cavalry outpost? Who are the nightriders and why are they trying to kill the bounty hunters? Even when some of the answers are worked out there are still others that will ensure the reader keeps turning the pages.

Prophet’s love hate relationship with the Vengeance Queen is further developed as Prophet faces the possibility of her dying. Whether she survives or not the ambushers must be made to pay and this is done through intimidation and violence that will test even the strongest nerves.

Peter Brandvold also introduces other memorable characters such as the young lawman and his wife who become involved through pressures from both sides and it will be discovered whether the lawman has a backbone or not before the spectacular end.

If you like fast paced westerns with plenty of savage action, twists and turns, tough men and woman that are more than a match for them, then this book should definitely be on your must read list.
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