Sunday, 8 June 2014

Nebraska Shoot-out

By Corba Sunman
Hale, May 2014

Jeff Arlen, a detective with the Butterworth Agency, is on the trail of Alec Frome, who has stolen $10000 from the bank where he works. Having lost him once, Arlen rides into Sunset Ridge, Nebraska, hoping to find Frome in the town where he’d once lived.

But after rescuing Brenda Farrell, soon after his arrival, he becomes side-tracked, drawn into a perilous local battle. Capturing Frome, and retrieving the stolen money looks like child’s play in the face of what he now faces, which will only be resolved once and for all with tons of courage, and plenty of hot lead.

After a great opening scene this book just becomes more and more complicated in plot as Corba Sunman hooks the reader with question after question mainly based around the various characters motives and just what had happened in Buck Farrell’s past. Whatever the answers are, Sunman doesn’t let on until he’s good and ready too, and these revelations offer plenty of surprises. The story contains lots of twists and turns along an abundance of gun action.

Corba Sunman has written many Black Horse Westerns and has long been a fan favourite. His writing style is a pleasure to read and his plots move along at a cracking pace. On finishing this one I found myself eager to dig into my collection and pull out one of his earlier books I haven’t read yet whilst waiting for his next to be published.

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Neil Waring said...

This one caught my attention, having grown up in Nebraska. Sounds like a read I might try. Thanks for the review.