Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Dig Two Graves

By Peter Wilson
Hale, March 2014

When the town’s newspaper office is burnt to the ground and the owner murdered, suspicion falls on the young deputy marshal of Progress, Lane Cutler. His alibi – that he was being held prisoner and tortured at the time of the killing – persuades veteran lawman Ben McCabe to go in search of the truth.

The marshal runs into a wall of silence, propped up by blackmail and revenge, and when there are more killings, McCabe is forced to enlist a friend of Cutler’s, to stand by his side during the final violent showdown.

As far as I can tell this is Peter Wilson’s third book about Ben McCabe, and, yes, there is mention of those two previous books’ events, but you don’t have too have read them to enjoy this one.

Peter Wilson soon had me hooked with the many questions about the killing and those that surface during the investigation into this death. Wilson lets the reader in on a few of the answers but always leaves more hanging to ensure the reader will keep turning the pages. Halfway through the story there’s a major twist that came to me as a complete surprise, this in turn leads to more murders.

McCabe’s hunt for the killer sees him uncover lots of dark secrets that have him looking at people he thought he knew in a new light. Trouble is he may have his suspicions but proof is extremely difficult to come by.

Even when I thought I’d figured out the direction the story would take, Peter Wilson threw another curve ball into the plot-line making it impossible to predict where this excellent tale would go next.

After the final shots have been fired and when everything seems to be neatly tied-up, Peter Wilson has one more twist waiting that brings the story to a neat end that left me with a grin on my face and looking forward to his next book.

Dig Two Graves has an official release date of March 31st but is available now from the usual Internet book sellers.

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