Monday, 31 March 2014

Back from Boot Hill

By Colin Bainbridge
Hale, March 2014

After finding himself in a coffin, on the way to Boot Hill, Clay Tulane wants answers.

As he pieces together the story of how he got there with the help of local townsfolk Miss Winona and the boy Pocket, he finds himself drawn into a violent struggle against local landowner, Marsden Rockwell, and his bunch of hired guns.

Tulane has more personal reasons, however, for seeking a final confrontation with the notorious killer, Lonnie Spade. As tension mounts and battle lines are drawn, Tulane’s search for the truth throws up as many questions as answers. What is the real reason Rockwell and his Bar Nothing outfit want to take over the neighbouring Pitchfork L, and is it connected with the mystery of the strange mesa known as Sawn-Off Mountain?

This book starts with a tense and claustrophobic scene that sees Tulane waking in a coffin. His sense of panic and frantic attempt to escape comes over extremely well. Once free, Tulane finds himself with many questions that want answering and it’s these that see him getting involved in a land-grab war.

Colin Bainbridge writes in a very easy to read style, telling his story in seven chapters. He switches regularly from one group of people to another as most of his main characters find themselves converging on Swan-Off Mountain for different reasons.

As the story develops it soon becomes obvious that there will be one mighty showdown as all sides come together and this gunfight is well worth waiting for and it seems no-one if safe from the many bullets that are exchanged.

I’ve read a couple of Colin Bainbridge’s other books and enjoyed them and this one proved to be an equally fun read.

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Joanne Walpole said...

Catchy title and sounds like an intriguing plot.