Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Westerns read during 2013

Here's a list of all the westerns I've read during 2013. Most have been reviewed here (click the number to go to the individual review). Those I haven't reviewed yet I hope to get around to soon and will update links as and when I can. I tend to miss reviewing books when I read them on holiday or when I'm ill and then find time escapes me when trying to catch up. I've not as many read as in previous years due to reading other types of books.

JANUARY READS – 10 books

1. The Trailsman #375: Texas Swamp Fever by Jon Sharpe
2. Killing Melvin Badthunder by Peter Brandvold
3. Bowen & Baile #2: Before I Die by Frank Roderus
4. Cotton’s Devil by Phil Dunlap
5. Six for Texas by Elliot Long
6. The Reluctant Gun Hand by Logan Winters
7. Mexico Breakout by Ben Bridges
8. Clancy’s Last War by Terrell L. Bowers
9. The Pecos Kid #6: Bad to the Bone by Jack Bodine
10. Longarm and the Ambush at Holy Defiance by Tabor Evans


11. Bladen Cole: Bounty Hunter by Bill Yenne
12. Resolution by Robert B. Parker
13. Lola: Locked & Loaded by Peter Brandvold
14. Tom Rider’s Reckoning by Rob Hill
15. The Trailsman #376: New Mexico Madman by Jon Sharpe
16. Mr Gunn by Tyler Hatch
17. Last Day in Paradise by Paul Green
18. Chaparral Range War by Dusty Richards
19. The Trail West by William W. Johnstone with J.A. Johnstone

MARCH READS – 9 books

20. War Paint by W.R. Benton
21. The Trailsman #377: Bounty Hunt by Jon Sharpe
22. Redemption: Trackdown by James Reasoner
23. The Nations by Ken Farmer and Buck Stienke
24. Blood Feud 2: Hounds of Hell by David Robbins
25. Genesis Gunplay by John Davage
26. Devil’s Deal by Lee Walker
27. Latigo by Steve Hayes
28. Gunsmith Giant: The Further Adventures of James Butler Hickok by J.R. Roberts

APRIL READS – 8 books

29. Jeremiah Painter by George Wolk
30. The Trailsman #378: Wyoming Winterkill by Jon Sharpe
31. Bad Justice by Frank Leslie
32. The Proclaimers by Lee Clinton
33. South to Sonora by Michael Stewart
34. Night of the Gunslinger by I.J. Parnham
35. Into the Snow by John Erwin
36. Marshal South Rides Again edited by Diana Lindsay

MAY READS – 8 books

37. Rogue Lawman: Heed the Thunder by Peter Brandvold
38. Comes the Reaper by B.J. Holmes
39. The Trailsman #379: Hangtown Hellcat
40. The Devil’s Work by Paul Bedford
41. Dust and Bullets by Vance Tillman
42. To Kill the Valko Kid by Michael D. George
43. A Bullet for Sartain by Clifton Drago
44. West of the Big River #1: The Lawman by James Reasoner

JUNE READS – 9 books

45. Rio Concho #1: Showdown in Abilene by Alfred Wallon
46. Coyote’s Trail by Edward M. Erdelac
47. The Trailsman #380: Texas Tornado by Jon Sharpe
48. Bowen & Baile #3: Felicity by Frank Roderus
49. Confessions of a Gunfighter by Tell Cotton
50. A Storm in Montana by Will DuRey
51. The Preacher’s Legacy by Walter L. Bryant
52. The Comanche Fights Again by D.M. Harrison
53. The Trailsman #381: Bowie’s Knife by Jon Sharpe

JULY READS – 6 books

54. Talbot Roper #2: The Reluctant Pinkerton by Robert J. Randisi
55. Viva Reaper! By B.J. Holmes
56. Shootout at Hellyer’s Creek by Chap O’Keefe
57. Wilderness #67: The Gift by David Robbins
58. Write a Western in 30 Days by Nik Morton
59. Last Stand at Bitter Creek by Tom Rizzo

AUGUST READS – 10 books

60. Monty McCord by Chuck Tyrell
61. Blood Money by D.D. Lang
62. Whiplash by Owen G. Irons
63. The Bank Robber by Giles Tippette
64. The Trailsman #382: Terror Trackdown by Jon Sharpe
65. Rogue Soldiers by Corba Sunman
66. Sharper’s Quest by Jay D. West
67. Missouri Vigilantes by Mark Bannerman
68. Holt County Law by Richard Prosch
69. The Scout #1: Rowan’s Raiders by Buck Gentry


70. The Trailsman #383: High Plains Massacre by Jon Sharpe
71. The Return by James D. Best
72. Sipping Whiskey in a Shallow Grave by Mark Mitten
73. Triplecross Trail by Josh Lockwood
74. Pope’s Bounty by Aaron Adams
75. The Hot Spurs by Boyd Cassidy


76. The Derby Man #6: Explosion at Donner Pass by Gary McCarthy
77. El Paso Way by Steven Law
78. Guns of the Reaper by B.J. Holmes
79. Valley of the Damned by Cordell Falk
80. The Storms #3: Riders West by Matt Chisholm
81. Comanche Moon by Simon Webb


82. The High Trail by Rob Hill
83. Skeleton Hand by C.J. Sommers
84. The Trailsman #385: Thunderhead Trail by Jon Sharpe
85. Murphy #2: Murphy’s Gold by Gary Paulsen
86. The Afterlife of Slim McCord by Jack Martin
87. The Gunsmith #384: Louisiana Stalker by J.R. Roberts
88. Trouble at Nathan’s Ford by Jack Sheriff


89. The Bronc Buster by Billy Hall
90. Town Tamers by David Robbins
91. Livin’ on Jacks and Queens edited by Robert J. Randisi
92. Bladen Cole #2: The Fire of Greed by Bill Yenne
93. Gideon Ryder #1: Smugglers’ Gold by Lyle Brandt
94. Gun Storm by Corba Sunman
95. Darrow’s Gamble by Gillian F. Taylor
96. Trace Takes a Hand by Owen G. Irons
97. Jake Moran #1: Dead Man’s Crossing by Robert Broomall


Jo Walpole said...

An impressive amount as usual. I read 27 that I can remember, which is a bit on the poor side. Must do better in 2014. :)

Nik Morton said...

An impressive list, Steve! Pleased to see I've read and enjoyed more than one on your list!