Sunday 22 December 2013

Gun Storm

By Corba Sunman
Hale, December 2013

Deputy Jim Donovan has his fair share of worries: his brother has suffered brain damage as a result of an accident; the notorious Elroy Johnson is back in circulation, after Donovan put him away; and Martha Preston, wife of the local store keeper has been robbed and murdered.

There is temptation from Della Jordan, attractive owner of the local saloon, to quit his job and take a job on her horse ranch, but can Della be trusted? And with Stomp Cullen and his gang in town to rob the bank is there going to be any way to avoid the mighty gun storm?

As you can tell from the blurb above, Corba Sunman packs a lot into this story. Donovan isn’t given a moment of time to take a breather before one incident merges with another. Every chapter has its share of action, mostly gunplay but Sunman adds a well depicted fistfight and a couple of jail-breaks for variety. All this means that the term action-packed could have been invented to describe this book.

Each storyline is well thought out and will have you guessing as to who committed the murder of Martha Preston and how Donovan can stop the outlaws whilst trying to keep his brother alive and decide how he feels about Della Jordan.

Each thread of this very fast moving yarn comes to a satisfactory conclusion amidst a hail of lead, and I was left feeling thoroughly entertained and looking forward to Corba Sunman’s next book.

Gun Storm has an official release date of December 31st but is available now from the usual Internet bookstores.

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