Sunday 20 January 2013

Six for Texas

By Elliot Long
Hale, January 2013

When Tom Nation was lynched for no good reason there was only Ed Colerich left alive to take word back to the T Bar N on the Brightwater. So when six rode to Texas, they only had two things on their minds: an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. With guns blazing and blood flowing there wasn’t one man or woman among them certain to return to the T Bar N alive….

With over 30 Black Horse Westerns to his name this book certainly shows why Elliot Long is so popular with readers. With a well thought out storyline, that is never predictable, and strong, engaging, characters of both sexes the book grips from the opening lines.

The first part of the story fills the reader in with the backgrounds of the Nation family and friends as the menfolk return home from the Civil War to discover their ranch in ruins and set about rebuilding. When Tom Nation is lynched by a bunch of ex-Confederates the tale really picks up in the action stakes and gunplay fills the second half of the story.

There’s one of two surprises in store regarding the real identity of a couple of characters as the tale moves swiftly through some savage gunfights, ambush, murder and kidnap in the quest for revenge – and it’s not just the Nation’s looking for vengeance.

Six for Texas proved to be a very entertaining book and left me eager to read more of Eliiot Long’s work.

Six for Texas has an official release date of January 31st but is available now from the usual Internet booksellers.

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