Monday 7 January 2013

Killing Melvin Badthunder

By Peter Brandvold
Mean Pete Press, December 2012

The bounty hunter Lou Prophet wakes up in bed with a soiled dove to find a penciled note deposited in the dove’s cleavage.

“We have the girl. If you want her back in one piece, ride to Santo Domingo Station.”

Prophet rides out to the abandoned stage station to learn that his beautiful partner, Louisa Bonaventure--“The Vengeance Queen” herself--has been kidnapped and locked away in a snake-infested mine shaft. To get her out alive, Prophet must do a job for the kidnappers: 

Bring them the head of Melvin Badthunder!

Can Prophet hunt down the savage border bandit in time to save his comely partner’s life?

Killing Melvin Badthunder is another excellent addition to the ever-growing collection of short stories from Peter Brandvold and this one features his popular series character Lou Prophet.

Gritty, violent, fast moving, this is a tale you won’t want to put down. At first the story seems pretty straightforward but Pete has a few surprises waiting as nothing is as it first seems. I, for one, didn’t see any of these twists coming and found they gave the tale a hard-hitting ending.

Definitely another Peter Brandvold short story not to be missed!

If you’ve not got around to picking up Pete’s previous short stories you can now get six of them in the just released Western Shorts Vol. 1. 

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