Monday 28 January 2013

Mexico Breakout

By Ben Bridges
Bookends, October 2011

With the promise of $10,000 still ringing in his ears, professional fighting man Carter O’Brien rode south to free Aaron Norris, a big-shot politician who’d been framed for murder. But it wasn’t going to be easy. Norris was being held in a prison nearly two hundred miles from home, and it was a veritable fortress that had been built right on the doorstep of a garrison full of Mexican soldiers.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, there were others who’d set their sights on the reward — two get-rich-quick Americans named Pope and Trace, and a half-Cheyenne Dog Soldier called Sundown.

As they all came together, the dry Mexican air was shattered by the roar of dynamite and the higher, deadly whine of bullets...

This story is one of fourteen starring Ben Bridges’ series character Carter O’Brien. It doesn’t matter if you haven’t read any of the others before this as it is a self-contained novel. It was originally published by Hale as a Black Horse Western back in 1988.

Like other books by Ben Bridges I have read this one is told at an ever increasing pace and is filled with well-drawn characters. Captain Vadala, the man in charge of the prison, being one of particular note. Diane Norris is another, a woman who will play an important role in O’Brien’s plan to free her husband.

O’Brien’s plan actually sickens him but he can see no other way and it makes for some very tense scenes, especially when trying to escape the prison with Norris.

Ben Bridges is a pseudonym used by David Whitehead, and he’s an author that I find a pleasure to read. Once I’ve read one of his books I immediately find myself wanting to read another.

The Ben Bridges ebooks are very affordable and there are many to choose from (with more to come) so if you’ve never tried his work maybe now is the time to see what you’ve been missing.


larry gebert said...

Great writer he is ,good review Steve.

Oscar Case said...

I read a book a couple years ago with a similar sounding plot and if this one is as exciting as that one was, it'll be a fine read.

RJR said...

It's a shame I don't read ebooks! Absolutely no print version?


Steve M said...

Robert, you should be able to find a used copy of the old Black Horse Western version from Hale. You may have to look around the UK for it though.