Wednesday 4 July 2012

Morgan Kane: Gunman's Inheritance

By Louis Masterson
WR Films Entertainment Group, Inc.
eBook, June 2012

To die alone is a gunman’s inheritance…

Pierre Bayard, alias Johnny Largo, alias Whip Lash, was wanted for murder in five states. After he’d shot a marshal in Laramie and fled south, Kane was put on his trail. He didn’t know much about the killer, beyond the fact that he was a superstitious woman-chaser, but he learned a little more from some of the strange assortment of people who’d had dealings with him during his flight. And appropriately enough, when Kane caught up with Bayard, in Las Vegas, it was a shooting competition…

This entry into the Morgan Kane series has one of the more straightforward storylines, it’s essentially a tale of a lawman tracking down a killer. Much of the first part of the book follows Kane’s search during which he meets a variety of people who help him track down the whereabouts of Bayard.

Of course Louis Masterson adds depth to his lead character during this chase by having Kane question his future after meeting up with Pete Grossmann again (see previous books) and finding out that the Texas Ranger was afraid he’d lost his grip, had taken two bullets fired by a young bank robber. What is a gunman’s inheritance? No friends? No family? Just a gun and loneliness? Does Kane come up with an answer? You’ll have to read the book to find out.

Kane also has to deal with his own fear of dying after visiting a fortune-teller.

Once Kane meets Bayard at the shooting match the story really picks up pace and Kane finds himself battling his conscience as to why he can’t just gun the man down without warning? The shooting contest itself provides some tense reading too. The final fight between Kane and Bayard is dramatic and brings the hunt to an exciting conclusion.

Kane doesn’t come out of this book unscathed, in fact not many of the characters in this tale do, if any, some may find a brief moment of happiness but….

Gunman’s Inheritance is a must read for those following Kane’s story as his meetings with, and thoughts of, people from his past pave the way for the next book in the series, Revenge!

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