Tuesday 31 July 2012

Invite to a Showdown

By Terrell L. Bowers
Hale, July 2012

After a bizarre double killing forces her into exile, Rowena Jansen is living like a hermit in Keylock, Colorado, and concentrating on survival.

Travis Clay went off to war and witnessed the terrible suffering of men and his country. Afterwards, he joined his friend to work on a ranch, but when a deadly ambush costs Clay a herd of cattle and leaves him near death, he sets out to find the men responsible.

Inadvertently ending up in Keylock, his fate is joined with that of Rowena. Four men are searching for her, intent on a killing, while Travis is on the trail of five or six murdering rustlers. The only way to win such a war is to invite both sides to a showdown.

Terrell L. Bowers begins this book by telling two separate stories, both running parallel to each other before converging on a collision course. First we meet Rowena and witness her struggle to survive as an Indian captive, before being freed to live with an aging buffalo hunter. During this part of the book Bowers switches between Rowena’s life trials and those of Travis, each of their stories providing fascinating reading and bringing them into conflict with two different groups of men.

It soon becomes obvious that Rowena and Travis will become romantically involved and that relationship is neatly, and believably, brought about. But, of course, there’s the killers to deal with too and Bowers comes up with an excellent solution to this that closes the book with style and provides another problem for one of the lead characters that left a grin on my face.

Like the other books I’ve read by Terrell L. Bowers I found this difficult to put down and felt I’d been thoroughly entertained by the end. Once more I’ve been left looking forwards to his next book.

Invite to a Showdown is officially released today.

If you decide to search for this book on American Amazon without going through the link above (left one) please note the wrong spelling of the authors last name.


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Sounds like another good one :)

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Nice site, Steve. Neat reviews too. Looking forward to browsing further.

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