Wednesday 18 July 2012

Bullet for a Virgin!

By Peter Brandvold
Mean Pete Press, May 2012

The Rio Concho Kid must save a young Mexican girl from the savage intentions of the lusty General Constantine San Gabriel, who forced her into marriage. 

On their wedding night, Tomasina De La Cruz sticks a stiletto in the General’s guts and flees his sprawling hacienda with the help of the half-Apache drifter, Johnny Navarro, a.k.a., “the Rio Concho Kid.” 

The Kid and Tomasina race toward a rendezvous with the young man to whom Tomasina’s heart really belongs. In so doing, Tomasina and the Kid must avoid a deadly trap set by the man whom the dishonored General hired to bring his young bride back so he could have her tortured and gunned-down by firing squad. 

That man is the infamous, deadly bounty killer known only as El Leproso, the Leper!

Can the Kid prove victorious over his fiercest enemy and avoid falling in love with Tomasina, who is as beguiling as she is beautiful but who also harbors a bizarre, bone-chilling secret?

Announced as the first in a series of ebooks told in the style of those pulp western stories of yesteryear. Not only does Peter Brandvold pull that off, he also adds a touch of the spaghetti western to the mix, making this a book that all western fans should enjoy.

The plot gallops forwards at a terrific pace, with just enough description to add authenticity to the landscapes and colourful characters. And what great characters they are, all extremely memorable, including the bounty hunter El Leproso – a man who hides his face behind a sack cover and proves to be more than a match for the Rio Concho Kid. And who’ll be able to forget the owl?

Like those pulp novellas, this is a fairly short story (around 50 pages), with each chapter titled. The action doesn’t let up for a minute. All this means that the reader will not put it down before reaching its conclusion – a final showdown that springs a wonderful twist to the ending. 

All I can hope now is that it isn’t too long before Peter Brandvold finds the time to write, and publish, the next Rio Concho Kid adventure.

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