Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Three for the Trail

By Ben Bridges
An eBook: April 2011

For those who have yet to try a book by Ben Bridges, then I’d suggest this is an excellent way to discover his writing. All three stories in this collection have been published before (see the contents below for more details). The second tale features one of Ben Bridges’ series characters, Carter O’Brien.

All three stories are smooth-flowing and have well thought-out plots, each offering surprises along the way, particularly the third tale. Characters are well crafted and believable as is the dialogue. All provide exciting and suspenseful reading making them difficult to put down until the final word.

Ben Bridges is a pseudonym used by David Whitehead, and he has also had many westerns published under his own name and a handful of other pen-names, and has been busy making some of them available as ebooks (check his website for more details – a link can be found below) as I’m sure you’ll want to read more of his books after reading this one. Three for the Trail sells at less that $1.50 and the same in English pounds, at prices like that how can you pass this book by?


Lonigan Must Die! – a simple quest for vengeance turns into something much different. (First appeared in A Fistful of Legends, Express Westerns 2009)

Comanche Reckoning – a down-at-the-heel sheepherder and his family have to set past hatreds aside when renegade Comanches attack their modest spread. (First appeared online at www.benbridges.co.uk 2006)

Stretch-Hemp Station – an elderly couple struggle to keep a terrible secret that threatens to tear them apart. (First appeared in Where Legends Ride, Express Westerns 2007)

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