Wednesday 25 January 2012

Six Ways of Dying

By Cody Wells
Hale, January 2012

In his wildest dreams, Angelo never imagined he would forge such an unusual partnership with an old man, two tough brothers, their hired gunmen…and a treasure map. Though it had started well, in less time than it takes to cock a Colt the whole deal was going bad.

Determined to get even, Angelo sets out to track down the men who double-crossed him. Only this time, he is saddled with an arrogant cavalry officer, some raw recruits and a beautiful girl – with whom he has fallen helplessly in love.

Upon meeting Ulzana, the Apache renegade, they find themselves outnumbered and exhausted. But Angelo doesn’t give a damn about the odds. If he has to go down, he’ll go down fighting.

This is Cody Wells first Black Horse Western, but not the first tale to star Angelo as he has already appeared in the short-story Angelo and the Strongbox, which explains how he met his sidekick Mr. Jinx, a dog that features prominently in this book too.

When Angelo and co discover just where the treasure is put a big grin on my face as it reminded me of the kind of problems the stars of one of my favourite western TV series, Alias Smith and Jones, often found themselves tackling. It was great seeing how Angelo set about recovering the hidden fortune, which, of course, doesn’t go according to plan and Angelo’s troubles really begin.

Unusually for a Black Horse Western these days, this one has plenty of battles between cavalry and Indians. There are lots of other fights too as the race to get hold of the treasure heats up and Angelo sets out to get justice for the wrongs done to him.

Cody Wells has written an easy to read story that flows effortlessly through its plot of twists and turns, that makes for an entertaining way to pass a couple of hours.

Six Ways of Dying is officially published on January 31st, but is available now from the usual Internet bookstores.

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