Saturday, 7 January 2012

Hangrope Law

By Colby Jackson
ebook, December 2010

All Sam Blaylock wants to do is make a home for himself and his family on the Texas ranch known as Rancho Diablo. But then his son finds a wounded man alongside the Brazos River, and a deadly danger from the past soon threatens to ruin everything Sam is trying to build. Only gunsmoke and hot lead will make things right and give the Blaylock’s a fighting chance for the future!

The second book in the Rancho Diablo series introduces the reader to Sam Blaylock’s sons and daughters in more detail, although this book concentrates mainly on Titus. Titus is about to see his dreams of adventure take on a savage reality.

Finding the wounded Orion Pike and taking him back to Rancho Diablo brings all kinds of problems to the Blaylock’s from both outlaws and lawmen. The reasons why the outlaws want Pike is a mystery and one the author keeps secret for most of the story, thus using this to hook the reader and keep him turning the pages.

The story moves forward at an ever-increasing pace and as more characters are introduced the more the reader has to wonder how the Blaylock’s are going to preserve their good name. There is plenty of action and a tense standoff between the lawmen and Blaylock that fairly crackles with tough dialogue.

Colby Jackson is a pseudonym shared by three authors, and in this case the man behind the name is James Reasoner. James ties up all the plot threads neatly and left me eager to read more about the Blaylock family, something I’m going to do very soon as, at the moment, there are a further three books in the series. 

Available as both ebooks and paperbacks the Rancho Diablo books are a series that no western fan should miss.

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larry gebert said...

This is a great series,hope it runs for a long time. Also looking forward to the shooter york series.