Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Lonesome Range

By Tyler Hatch
A Black Horse Western from Hale, June 2011

He had many names – but only one told who he really was – the fastest gun in Texas, Colorado or just about anywhere. Sometimes he was recognized, no matter what the name and then the challengers would come, guns would blaze and he’d ride away from yet another dead man.

Then came the day where he’d killed one too many and the fastest gun had to swap his colt for a sledge on the rockpile – for ten long years.

He wasn’t ready to give up just yet though – and when a chance for freedom came along, he was prepared to grab it with both hands….

The above blurb has all taken place before the beginning of this book, and the reader meets the man as he struggles to survive a desert crossing. It’s here he finds himself siding a small rancher against a much larger one. Even though the story has a backdrop of a range war the main plot is about the identity of the man, and once this is found out it’s how he deals with more people gunning for him. The mystery gunman having to not only deal with the land-hungry rancher, but treachery from his own side, and a vengeance hungry daughter of one of the men he killed a long time ago.

The story is extremely fast paced and packed with action that is quite brutal at times. The odds against the survival of the man makes for gripping reading and you have to wonder if this is one anti-hero that won’t be alive by the books end.

Having read many books by this author – Tyler Hatch being one of a number of pseudonyms used by Keith Hetherington – I knew I’d be in for a cracking read and that’s exactly what I got. If you’ve never read one of Keith’s many books then this could be a great place to introduce yourself to this writer’s talents.

Lonesome Range is officially released tomorrow but is already for sale at the usual Internet bookstores.

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