Sunday, 19 June 2011

Ace High in Wilderness

By Rob Hill
A Black Horse Western from Hale, June 2011

It has been seven years since the Civil War ended. Ex-sharpshooter John Wright has tried to forget the horrors of his incarceration in the Confederate POW camp at Andersonville, where he watched, powerless, as one of the guards murdered his childhood friend.

Now, two ex-prisoners show up, telling John they have tracked down the murderous prison guard and need help bringing him in. They offer John a share of the reward. But all is not as it seems and John is about to find out that the road to justice is rocky indeed….

Rob Hill sure packs a lot into this book, each chapter seeming to add more problems for his hero to overcome. As well as the opportunity for revenge against the prison guard, there’s a bank robbery, a crooked sheriff, John’s woman’s ex-husband wanting his son, a jailbreak, a Sioux uprising, a town waiting to be massacred by the Indians, the army trying to keep a tight rein on everything, and a few other story threads too.

The story switches from one set of characters to another seamlessly, often leaving them with a problem to face, ensuring the reader keeps turning the pages. One can’t help but wonder how Wright can possibly come out of this in one piece and on the right side of the law, or even if he’ll be alive at the end.

As soon as you think you know how the story will turn out, Rob Hill adds another twist into his fast paced, action-packed tale, meaning his latest book is another gripping read. Once more leaving me looking forward to his next one.

Ace High in Wilderness is officially released on June 30th, but it is already available through the usual Internet sources.

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