Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Blind Justice at Wedlock

By Ross Morton
A Black Horse Western from Hale, May 2011

When Clint Brennan interrupts two men kidnapping his wife Belle, he is shot and left for dead. But he recovers his senses and finds that his wife is gone and he has been blinded. Most men would have given up, but not Clint. Astride his donkey, he sets out with his faithful dog Mutt on the trail of his wife’s abductors.

Belle, meanwhile, believes her husband is dead, and when a rich saviour comes to her rescue, the people around her suggest it’s time to start again….

A tale of violence, betrayal and lies – it will all end at Wedlock, amidst flames and bullets.

There’s plenty of mystery to hold your attention in this fast moving, action packed tale that often has you believing you know what is going on, but then offers a surprising twist to completely throw you off track.

The idea of having a blind hero is not often seen in westerns, so offers an intriguing take to this story. Reading how he overcomes his handicap makes for an interesting, and entertaining, storyline. Dog lovers will surely warm to Brennan’s plucky four-legged friend.

Ross Morton tells his story from the viewpoints of many of his well-drawn characters. At first these many threads seem unrelated but they eventually pull together, leaving none dangling by the end.

Those who’ve read the other books by Ross Morton will know that two of the three are based around Bethesda Falls, and this book continues that trend, so a few characters will be familiar to you. If you haven’t read the earlier books then that won’t spoil your enjoyment of this story as it could easily be a stand-alone title.

With Blind Justice at Wedlock Ross Morton (real name Nik Morton) has once again left me eager to read his next title. Let’s hope we don’t have to wait two years as we’ve had to between this and his previous title, The $300 Man.


David Cranmer said...

My man Morton can do no wrong. ".. you believing you know what is going on, but then offers a surprising twist." That's what makes him so good.

Nik said...

Thanks, Steve - and David! The wait may depend on Hale. My next acceptance was Old Guns, and that also features Bethesda Falls, but 20-odd years later, so we meet a couple of familiar characters, though they've aged, naturally.