Thursday, 14 January 2010

To Die This Day

as by Clint Ryker
A Black Horse Western from Hale, January 2010

The rich and powerful Traffords are both proud and relieved when their eldest son, Luke, returns home safely to the family ranch after the war. When his wartime partner and hero, Clayton Grady, shows up too, the homecoming celebrations rock the county.

How could veteran Luke Trafford know that this seemingly happy event would in time tear his family apart and lead to a nightmare of deceit, suspicion and bloody murder, as horrific as anything he had encountered during the war…

Like the majority of Black Horse Westerns, this book is a very quick and easy read. Clint Ryker plots his tale well, introducing a number of great characters, such as the old ranch hand, Kentucky, who soon becomes suspicious of Grady. Then there is the Sheriff, Ben Clanton, who is tracking down a gang of bank robbers, and the two bounty hunters who are hunting the same men.

Ryker spends most of the time developing his characters and bringing them all together for the final violent confrontation. Ryker creates a building tension as he slowly reveals the truth about Grady, one that at anytime threatens to explode in savage violence.

Black Horse Westerns are well produced books so I was a little surprised when reading the blurb on the book (I’ve altered it above) to see a mix-up of names as of what happens to who, but this, of course, is an observation that wont spoil the readers enjoyment of the book.

To Die This Day has a release date of the January 30th, and is now available for pre-order at many Internet bookstores.


Laurie said...

Good review, Steve. Pretty much what I think about Black Horse Westerns.

Joanne Walpole said...

Good cover. Sounds like a fair review. :-)