Sunday, 31 January 2010

Border Fury

as by Corba Sunman
A Black Horse Western from Hale, January 2010

Buck Starrett, Texas Ranger, had a reputation for fast shooting and a determination to win against overwhelming odds. He was optimistic when he took a novice ranger to Adobe Flat on the Mexican border, but he was unaware that the grim set-up that awaited them would be his toughest challenge yet.

When they plunged into an all-out war with Mexican rustlers operating on both sides of the border, Starrett discovered that this desperate situation was only half the problem facing him. He would have to shoot his way into the crooked situation enveloping Adobe Flat before he could even begin to overcome the criminal element and shoot his way out again.

If it’s action you want from a western then this book is the one you want, the gunplay doesn’t seem to let up for a moment, the outcome of one gunfight leading to the next almost immediately.

Corba Sunman doesn’t believe in giving Starrett an easy life, here he has to deal with a town under the iron rule of Red Satterfield who has many gunmen on his payroll, all eager to kill the Ranger. Then there’s a corrupt lawman and Mexican rustlers. All these factions maybe working alone or altogether, one thing is certain they all want Starrett dead.

Due to the tremendous amount of gunfights there isn’t much room for plot twists, so the tale is pretty straight forward and easy to follow. Sunman’s writing style is easy to read and rattles along at a fair pace. Overall this is a very entertaining read.

Border Fury is officially released this weekend and should be available from the usual Internet sources.

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Ray said...

I'm waiting for my copy to arrive.
I have a soft spot where Corba Sunman is concerned. Most his books are action driven and, as you say, doesn't leave room for plot twists at least he has engaging characters. And his style is easy.