Saturday, 28 November 2009

Wilderness #62

as by David Thompson

Leisure, December 2009

Nate King knows how tough it is to survive in the rugged wilderness of the untamed frontier. That’s why he can never refuse to help someone not as familiar with the infinite dangers of the territory. But when he agrees to guide a freighter captain and his load through geyser country, he has no idea he’s stepping straight into the path of a Pawnee with a personal vendetta. No idea that their destination – the Valley of Skulls – will live up to its grisly name.

Continuing a storyline started in the previous book (although each stands alone as a complete story) this tale sees Nate King become the target of a vengeance seeking Pawnee warrior. This Indian, Kuruk, and his small band of followers, make for some very tough opposition for King.

The quest for revenge isn’t the only thread to this fast moving story, King has to guide the wagons to the Valley of Skulls which holds its own mysteries as well as a group of Shakers who have a very interesting outlook on life. The Shaker’s strong religious beliefs being counted by none-believer Maklin, which allows David Thompson (David Robbins) to write some powerful arguments as to the existence of God.

If the above wasn’t enough for King to contend with, David Thompson adds yet another threat to the mountain man’s life – and all the other characters – by including a natural phenomenon that proves to be the deadliest killer of them all, providing some exciting, tense, reading that adds a touch of horror to the story.

David Thompson’s smooth flowing style is, as always, fast paced, full of excellent descriptive passages, great dialogue, humour, memorable characters, and brutal action, making this book – and indeed the whole Wilderness series – a joy to read.

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Mister Roy said...

'Smooth-flowing style' - great description. One reason all his books are hard-to-put-down page-turners.