Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Always the Guns

as by Matt James
A Black Horse Western from Hale, November 2009

A murder charge followed by a desperate flight and pursuit halfway across the West for two innocent young ranchers – could fate be more brutal?

Darien Pell and Slim Carroway are soon to find out during an odyssey which takes them from the once-peaceful East to the wilds of old Texas … with a vengeful posse in pursuit.

Is it simple bad luck that they fall in with flamboyant old Mack and his gang of wild desperadoes? Or might it prove to be their one hope of dodging the hangman’s noose?

Matt James is one of the pseudonyms used by the prolific Paul Wheelahan and like all the books I’ve read by him this one is a fast flowing and entertaining read. There’s not as much action as I expected, most of the action is described in the narrative after it has happened. Having said that there is plenty to hold the readers attention; the superbly drawn characters, particularly Mack Dunn. The fact that the outlaws are being hunted by Rangers, as well as the posse out to bring back Darien Pell – the latter being resolved in an unexpected, and almost understated, way. About two thirds of the way through the book Dunn announces he has a plan and a destination in mind, but doesn’t reveal what either are, so Paul Wheelahan introduces a touch of mystery to the story which insures the reader will keep turning the pages.

Always the Guns has an official release date of November 30th, although it should be available through Internet booksellers now.

Fans of Paul Wheelahan’s work will also be pleased to now that Always the Guns is one of two BHW released by him this month; the other being Take me to Texas as by Ryan Bodie.

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David Cranmer said...

Sounds like another stellar read from the folks at Hale.