Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Guns of Virtue

as by Peter Wilson
A Black Horse Western from Hale
March 2009

The brutal murder of his lawman father and the memory of a younger brother’s decline into a life of lawlessness set Adam Wade on a quest for revenge on the man he holds responsible. The search takes him to the town of Virtue where the man he is hunting, rich ranch owner Hal Kember, is a pillar of society and a future state governor.

But just when he thinks his search is over and vengeance is his, Adam becomes involved in a web of deceit and murder involving Kember’s beautiful wife, Laura, his errant son, Luke, and a group of stage robbers and killers. Now it will all end in a shoot-out that brings one last life-changing shock for Adam.

To my knowledge this is Peter Wilson’s first Black Horse Western, and what a debut it is. From the first killing, and subsequently watching the Wade family fall apart, which in turn leads to Adam Wade taking to the vengeance trail, the book moves along at an ever increasing pace. Even when the end of Wade’s quest seems to have arrived, Wilson throws in twists and turns that reveal some surprising revelations about many of the superbly drawn characters that this story revolves around. This all means Wade’s hunt hasn’t come to an end and the exposed secrets lead to more danger, deceit, and death, as men switch sides, double-cross each other, and plot for their survival.

Peter Wilson’s writing style is very easy to read, is fast paced, and his descriptions paint some vivid scenes. There’s plenty of action that builds to an exciting final shoot-out, that, although it’s not a surprise as to the identity of one of the characters, does provided a strong and emotional ending for Adam Wade.

If Peter Wilson’s further books are as good as this one then he’s definitely an author worth keeping an eye out for. His second book, Gannon’s Law, is due to be published in August 2009.

Guns of Virtue has a published date of March 31st 2009, so you’d best get your order in now if you want a copy as Black Horse Westerns do seem to sell out fast these days.



I do like that cover. So clean

Steve M said...

I've always wondered what people thought about these covers, Hale have done a few. I think the colour combinations play a big part in whether they are successful or not, and like you Gary, I do think this one works extremely well.

Nik said...

The artwork is indeed clean and well executed. Good review too - makes me want to get hold of this book.
Nik/Ross Morton