Monday, 23 March 2009

Die This Day

as by Dempsey Clay
A Black Horse Western from Hale, March 2009

When their troubled town found itself yet again without a peace officer to enforce the law, the citizens finally agreed on what must be done: forget the cost and risks involved and hire a town-tamer.

The famed marshal seemed to meet all their requirements – until the day gun hell erupted again.

The town looked confidently to their hero to deal with the trouble – while only the marshal himself realized that this town – and this adversary – might prove the one to put him in his grave.

Like the previous Dempsey Clay western I read this is a fast moving and action filled book as marshal Cord Ashton attempts to bring peace to Sugar Creek. Although he faces the usual problems of drunks, rowdy cowboys, and the local gamblers and wannabe gunfighters, Ashton has to face his own demons. Ashton was the law in Sugar Creek once before and left when he ran from his growing feelings for Barbara Kincaid. Barbara’s brother does not want this relationship to be renewed and will do anything to see it isn’t.

Dempsey Clay – author Paul Wheelahan – builds the mounting tension between Ashton and Stirling Kincaid superbly and writes some terrific exchanges of dialogue between the two. This is the plot thread that kept me hooked, eager to find out how all would be resolved, as Ashton doesn't want to have to kill Barbara's brother and face the consequences this could have on his relationship with Barbara.

Die This Day is published on March 31st – although it is possible to buy now through various internet booksellers – and if fast moving traditional westerns are your preferred reading choice then I suggest you get your order in now.

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Cool title - like James Bond goes west. Will order this one at once.