Saturday, 28 February 2009

This Monday

Please don't forget to support Wild West Monday - this Monday, March 2nd.

Go into your local bookstore or library, ask about the westerns they stock, if they are not in a display of their own ask why not. Ask why they don't stock more and a greater selection of authors. If you can't get to these places then please make an effort to telephone one and ask similar questions. It is hoped westerns fans will be doing this worldwide.

Much more information can be found on:

And while on the subject of the Tainted Archive, this Monday also sees the first post to serialize the long out of print Chap O'Keefe western The Sheriff and the Widow. Chap's westerns sell out within days and this is your chance to read one for free!

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It's great how many of us have come together for Wild West Monday. It really is a global movement.