Thursday, 12 February 2009

Davy Crockett #6

as by David Thompson
Leisure, Feb. 1998

Davy Crockett was born to explore the wide-open country of the untamed wilderness. His unmatched skills and his need for adventure combined to make him a frontiersman like no other. And no other pioneer could have hoped to survive the dangers that Davy faced when he and his old friend Flavius tried to cross the vast Western Prairies.

A roaring wildfire and a rampaging buffalo stampede were excitement enough for Flavius, but Davy knew their troubles were just beginning when they came face-to-face with the rulers of the prairies…the dreaded Comanches!

Attempting to return to St. Louis Crockett and Flavius, still escorting Heather and Becky (see the previous book: Blood Rage) face the wildfire and buffalo stampede that, unknown to them, takes them way off course.

The book is filled with almost non-stop action, from the fires and buffalo, to being lost in the darkness, fever, being held captive and rescue attempts, not to mention treachery and lost horses.

So much in such a short book left me breathless, I don’t think the cliff-hanger chapter endings were needed to ensure that I would continue reading to find out what hardships the small group of travelers would face next.

I also liked how David Robbins – writing as David Thompson - balanced elements of the story such as Becky’s innocent views of the new country she finds herself in, the protection of her scared mother and Davy’s mistrust with the more violent situations.

David Robbins also includes information about Crockett’s past in such a way it’s not like a history lesson but a natural part of the story.

On reaching the end I found myself doing something that is rare for me and that’s immediately beginning the next in the series.


Matthew P. Mayo said...

Hi Steve,
I've not read any of this series, but I really like Robbins' work, particularly the Wilderness series. I'll have to track down some from this series. I'd like to find a few consecutive copies, beginning with #1, before I dive in!


Steve M said...

I shouldn't think there'd be that much difficulty in finding these, and I'd say if you enjoy the Wilderness series you'll like these.

There were eight altogether:
1. Homecoming
2. Sioux Slaughter
3. Blood Hunt
4. Mississippi Mayhem
5. Blood Rage
6. Comanche Country
7. Texican Terror
8. Cannibal Country


I love these types of books where real historical people are characters - factions I believe is the term. Not read these yet but will pick any up if I see them.

Steve M said...

Gary - at the same time Leisure were publishing this series they also put out two other 8 book series you maybe intersted in: Kit Carson as by Doug Hawkins and Wild Bill as by Judd Cole.

Matthew P. Mayo said...

Hi Steve and Gary,
Thanks for the list. I've added them to the (long!) list in my wallet.

Along the same lines, I have a slender Leisure book from 1998 by Dodge Tyler called "Dan'l Boone: Taos Death Cry". It's the 8th in however many of a series called "The Lost Wilderness Tales of Dan'l Boone."

I haven't read it yet, so I can't comment on its worth.


Steve M said...

Oh yes Matt, that series should have been added to my short list above. Here's the titles:

DAN'L BOONE: The Lost Wilderness Tales as by Dodge Tyler
1. A River Run Red
2. Algonquin Massacre
3. Death at Spanish Wells
4. Winter Kill
5. Apache Revenge
6. Death Trail
7. The Long Hunters
8. Taos Death Cry
9. Warriors Trace
10. The Kaintucks
11. Mustang Desert
12. By Honor Bound

The first six double the size of the one you have and the rest like yours. I belive the first six are by one author and the next another. Characters do appear in more than one book so you may prefer to read them in order. I preferred the first six to the latter by all were entertaining reads.