Sunday, 21 December 2008

The Trailsman #315

as by Jon Sharpe
Signet, January 2008

Skye Fargo is just passing through Springfield, Missouri, when he makes the acquaintance of comely Lucille Sparks. Lucille has had her fill of the frontier and when she takes the stage out of town, a local gang of lowlifes led by Mad Dog Terrell swoops in and kidnaps her. Now, as part of a ragtag posse, the Trailsman is going to teach Mad Dog some new tricks…like playing dead.

As is expected from a Trailsman novel this book is filled with action, cliff-hanger situations that keep you reading, and great characters.

Mad Dog and his gang of outlaws are beautifully created and will have the reader urging Fargo on to deal them some frontier justice. The members of the posse are equally well drawn and the conflicts of character amoungst them make for some great reading, not to mention some hilarious dialogue.

And what of the women? Lucille Sparks and Bobbie Joe, both are strong in character and are more than just conquests for Fargo, both having important parts to play in the fast moving storyline.

The plot is extremely well crafted and you have to wonder how Fargo will escape with his life from the number of dangerous situations he finds himself in. And as the book races towards its bloody finale the reader can’t help but get caught up in the twists and surprises the author (David Robbins) has waiting for them.

Great, too, to see references made to a previous Trailsman book - #149: Springfield Sharpshooters.

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