Friday, 12 December 2008

The Accomplice #2

as by Marcus Galloway
Berkley, February 2008

Notorious gambler Doc Holliday and his new partner, Caleb Wayfinder, have left Dallas for Denver, where Doc can run cards out of a saloon Caleb plans to manage. Adding to their prospects, there’s a boomtown, Fort Griffin, along the way – filled with men who have money for liquor, women, and cards.

Trouble is there’s an organization called the Tiger that takes a share of the profits from every gambling hall on the circuit. The Tiger’s claws are long and far-reaching. Players who don’t pay learn swiftly that the Tiger’s bite is lethal. Just ask the beautiful faro dealer, Lottie. She’s warned Doc and Caleb of the Tiger’s wrath. But is she playing fair or double-dealing?

Doc Holliday’s never been a man to buckle under, and this time is no different. He’s going to Denver to hunt down the Tiger, even as the Tiger hunts him…

Marcus Galloway’s second Accomplice book is every bit as good as the first. This time he pits Wayfinder and Holliday against odds it’s just got to be impossible to stand against - haven't they?

Galloway’s writing builds the tension through a number of deadly confrontations between Holliday and the Tiger’s men, making it very difficult to put this book down until the final showdown. And during all this Galloway adds little hints that not everyone maybe who they say they are, which also helps create suspense throughout this fast moving, well written, story.

This book definitely has me eager to read the third instalment in this excellent series: The Silent Partner.



This one has got me interested - I love westerns that use real people.

Steve M said...

Hi Gary, I don't think you'd be disapoined by the book. There are three Accomplice books out there at the moment. Check out the Marcus Galloway interview here for more info.