Tuesday 22 December 2015

Scattergun Smith

By Max Gunn
Hale, November 2015

Scattergun Smith is not in the habit of leaving unfinished business. When he sets out after the infamous outlaw Bradley Black, his search leads him across dangerous terrain, and every fibre of his being tells him that he is travelling headfirst into the jaws of trouble. But Smith is like a hunting dog and will not quit tracking his prey.

Black has not only wronged the youngster Smith, but has killed innocent people, and has to pay. Scattergun is determined to catch and end the life of the ruthless outlaw before Black claims fresh victims. It will take every ounce of his renowned expertise to stop Black, and prove why he is called Scattergun Smith.

Scattergun Smith is named after the twin scatterguns he carries, one holstered on each hip, and these weapons see plenty of action as Smith not only has to deal with Black and his companions but a handful of gunmen sent to take him out by a person unknown.

Smith is more than capable to take care of threats to his life in human form but it’s a deadly dust-storm that proves to be his deadliest foe. This storm being the backdrop against which most of this story is played out. The author describing the power and destruction of the storm extremely well.

The author also keeps the reason Smith is hunting Black a secret for much of the book, at times I wondered if this was to remain a mystery completely, but no, all is revealed eventually.

Max Gunn is a new author name to front a Black Horse Western but I reckon I could take an educated guess as to who the writer is behind the name due to how he describes his characters as much as anything else. Let’s just say if you like the Iron Eyes series of westerns by Rory Black you’re sure to enjoy this one.

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