Sunday 27 December 2015

Misfit Lil Rides In

By Chap O’Keefe
Black Horse Extra Books, August 2015

Originally published by Hale, July 2006.

A band of Apache bucks led by a charismatic hothead abandons reservation life to go on a bloody rampage. In pursuit with Lieutenant Michael Covington’s cavalry detail is civilian scout Jackson Farraday. But a showdown looms between the pair when Jackson is misled by Lilian Goodnight, a harum-scarum youngster who boasts the handle “Misfit Lil, Princess of Pistoleers.” After a clash with the Apaches and the slaughter of an Army paymaster and his escort, Jackson is fired. But his troubles are only just beginning when he’s framed for murder by crooked Sheriff “Wheezer” Skene. Can Misfit Lil make amends by saving her reluctant hero? 

This is the first in the Misfit Lil series written by Keith Chapman under the pseudonym of Chap O’Keefe, and it introduces the reader to a number of characters that will return in later books.

Even though Misfit Lil is the main character of the series this one features, and follows, Jackson Farraday’s misfortunes as much as it does Lil’s. Her infatuation with Jackson is a joy to read as are his attempts to keep her at arms-length and out of harm’s way.

There’s plenty of action and one or two surprises as Lil attempts to prove Jackson’s innocence and you’ll certainly share her frustrations as Covington always sees the worst in her and would rather slap her in jail than believe anything she has to say.

Keith Chapman also includes moments of humour, particularly evident in the explanation of how Lil got her Misfit name.

Misfit Lil Rides In is a very entertaining read that will make you want to read the rest of the series – there are seven books in total.

Keith Chapman also includes a bonus feature, Heroines of the Wilder West, which makes for a great read too.

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Yes, highly recommended!