Sunday 15 February 2015

The Evil Men Do

A Ralph Compton Novel
By David Robbins
Signet, February 2015

If things are quiet in the little town of Sweetwater, Marshal Fred Hitch sees no reason to make waves. But when Tyree Johnson shows up, Fred’s relaxed nature is put to the test. At fifteen years old, Tyree is a tough-as-nails bounty hunter with no patience for anyone calling him “boy.” He’s come to apprehend a killer who escaped from Cheyenne and has been hiding in plain sight in Sweetwater.

To save face and his town’s good name, Fred must ride with Tyree and his prisoner all the way to Cheyenne. The unlikely pair has a rough trail ahead of them, and as tough as Tyree is, he has some lessons to learn about the evil men do – and how to survive it.

David Robbins has created three superb characters to tell his story through. Fred Hitch who would rather talk and be friends with everyone good or bad instead of facing danger with gun in hand. Tyree, who has a reason for being a bounty hunter, needs the money for information on men he’s been searching for for a long time. Aces Connor, cowboy and reluctant gunfighter who will teach Tyree the art of shooting and hopefully in doing so save all their lives.

Each of these three men have their own reasons for teaming up to escort the prisoner who causes them more than one problem. But it’s after their captive has been dealt with that they find themselves in what seems like a suicide mission that surely none of them can survive.

This book has everything you’d expect from a David Robbins novel, fast in pace, twists and turns, believable dialogue laced with humour, and lots of hard hitting action. Everything building to a final showdown that’ll take your breath away and leave you wanting more.

Top class entertainment that should be on the reading list of all westerns fans.

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David Robbins said...

Thank you for the review. Some books, as they like to say, 'write themselves', and this one was a page-turner from start to finish. I'd hoped it would be a fun read.