Wednesday 4 February 2015

Dead Man River

By Tyler Hatch
Hale, January 2015

It seemed like a wonderful solution to Dave Brent’s troubles: exchange identities with the dead man he found floating in the river and that should be the last he would hear of the Vandemanns, who wanted his blood.

But the dead man was more popular than he reckoned – and a lot of men wanted to find the man now using his name: if they caught him, he could choose to die either by torture or a quick bullet. Dave didn’t want to settle for either choice.

This extremely fast moving story illustrates how making rash decisions can bring even more problems down on your head, meaning this tale is full of twists and turns and how is he going to get out of that situations.

There’s plenty of action involving both guns and fists, as Dave struggles to clear his name of both the deadly trails he straddles, and he finds no-one is to be trusted.

The reason people are hunting the dead man Dave finds can’t be revealed here but I will say it sets the book up for a terrific ending that has an excellent final sting-in-the-tail.

As many regular readers of this blog will already know, Tyler Hatch is a pseudonym used by one of the best western writers in the business; Keith Hetherington. Once again he has written a superb tale that has me eagerly waiting for his next book to be published. If you’ve yet to discover his work then Dead Man River would certainly be a highly recommended place to start. 

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