Sunday, 13 October 2013

Cover Gallery: FOXX

by Zack Tyler

Meet Foxx, chief detective of the C&K Railroad. He’s tracking a pack of killers to their lair in the treacherous Nevada hills.

First he sets his trap in a San Francisco jail. Then he stalks his prey across the desolate mesas. Pursued by women whose passions lead to murder…pursuing a gang of men who settle debts in blood, all he has is a quick draw, a wily mind, and one last, deadly gamble: surprise.

The prospectors were lined up against the homesteaders in simmering Sherman, Kansas, where gold-rush fever had the town trigger-taut. That was when Foxx rode in to settle the dust so the C&K Railroad could resume construction of its brand-new southern spur.

Foxx was a cool hand at danger, but he hadn’t counted on the hired gun who was Sherman’s only law…or the land-scam kingpins who sealed their contracts in lead…or Romy, the beautiful Pinkerton detective who made it clear she was out to uncover a lot more in Kansas than trouble!

Their guns were still smoking when Foxx lit out after the Clark gang, wanted for robbery and murder on the C&K Railroad. Armed with his Smith & Wesson, a few raw clues, and his Comanche-honed instincts, Foxx followed a dangerous trail that led from a dusty southwest café through a maze of outlaw hideouts. Almost thrown off the track by the wiles of two hot-blooded women who wouldn’t take no for an answer, Foxx made it from Hell’s Half Acre to New Mexico’s treacherous Cañón Quimera where luck ran out and the shooting began…

Foxx rides herd on a payload of cattle through the snowbound hell of Wyoming Territory armed with only a ragtag trail gang and unflagging endurance.

It’s a new job for the chief detective of the C&K Railroad – an innocent-sounding longhorn drive that’s mined with blizzards, bison, and an army of angry Sioux. But the biggest hazard of all is the one Foxx least expects – a lonely beauty who comes along for the ride and turns their trail of trouble into a hotbed of tension – and a stampede for survival!

They were vicious killers determined to stop the C&K Railroad’s eastern spur…a gang of Spanish and Apache night riders who left a trail of scalped and mutilated bodies in their wake.

The stakes were high and the fight was dirty as Foxx rode into the lawless Arizona Territory to check out the rowdy railhead camp where the violence began. It looked like sabotage from within. But who was calling the shots and why? Foxx finally found his lead in a Queen of Spades who was playing with a stacked deck and a loaded pistol in a game she couldn’t afford to lose.

Foxx was doing the honors, pouring champagne for Vida Martin, when the bullet shattered the plate-glass window. The second slug slammed into the table. Someone had just missed his target, and that target was Foxx’s lady.

Armed with his .44 Cloverleaf Colt and a beautiful Pinkerton detective – a seductive decoy – Foxx rode the C&K out of San Francisco headed for the Idaho badlands. Setting himself up as a sitting duck, he swore to flush out a vicious outlaw – a foe from the past – someone who wanted revenge in the worst way and wouldn’t hesitate to kill a lady to get it. 


The Foxx series was published by Dell, the first book appearing in January 1981 and the last in September 1982. Zach Tyler is a pseudonym used by Melvin Marshall.


Nik said...

Great covers. I saw Geronimo on #2's cover!

RJR said...

A great Adult Western series from Mel Mwrshall, with some of the best AW covers.