Monday 24 December 2012

The No-Account Girl

By Peter Brandvold
Mean Pete Press, December 2012

Colter Farrow has been through a lot. He’s killed a lot of men in self-defense. Now the red-haired young gunfighter with the Mark of Satan on his cheek is on the dodge, trying to outrun the bounty hunters and get himself to Mexico.

But then he runs into a beautiful young woman with the unlikely name of Kyle Bruner. Kyle is transporting her dead outlaw brother for burial.

The trouble is, Kyle’s brother is wanted dead or alive. Bounty hunters are after him, too.

Colter falls under the girl’s haunting spell.

He’d best make sure he doesn’t fall too hard...because sometimes love can be more deadly than bullets.

“Thank you, Colter,” Kyle said. “You might be hell with a six-gun, but you’re damn sweet.”

For those, like me, patiently waiting for the fourth Colter Farrow book, Bad Justice, to be published next April, this short story is the perfect bridge. I’ll also take a moment to point out that Mean Pete has put this out under his own name rather than the pseudonym of Frank Leslie the regular books come out as by.

This is an action-packed, gritty read that has an impressive death toll for such a short story. There’s also a neat twist ending to this tale that sees bounty hunters spoilt for choice in either cashing in on Colter and / or Bruner’s corpse. 

No western fan should miss this and if it proves to be your introduction to Colter Farrow I’m sure it’ll have you hunting out the previous books and joining me looking forward to the next.


larry gebert said...

Im kinda hanging loose to pick up the ebook of short stories with this title.

Gary Dobbs/Jack Martin said...

I'm gonna get this - your review made me take the plunge but in my opinion that cover makes it look like chick-lit