Friday 1 June 2012

Tribute to a Legend

By Connor McKenzie
ebook, January 2012

Connor Mckenzie lives in New Zealand and has a keen interest in the American West. In this collection of five short stories his knowledge of firearms shines through, all of these stories playing tribute to either the Henry Repeating rifle, the Model 66 Yellowboy, or the Winchester 73.

You’ll find stories featuring mountain men, cowboys and Texas Rangers. All the main characters discovering one of the above rifles for the first time and using it to beat off heavy odds, be they Indians, Comancheros or river pirates.

The stories are well thought out and offer plenty of gunplay alongside information about the featured rifle. Even though each tale shouts out loud about the excellence of the weapons one tale has an anti gun theme running through it. Humour plays a strong part too, a couple of the tales close with lines that had me smiling broadly, one having a neat laugh-out-loud twist ending.  

Connor McKenzie’s writing is extremely readable. I’d intended to read this collection a couple of stories at a time between full length novels but found myself reading the whole lot in one sitting. His characters, whether hero or supporting, are equally memorable, so much so I’d like to read more tales about each and every one of them.

To be Remembered
A Fortuitous Meeting
Power of the Gun
The Sacrifice
Privileged Information

At $2.50 or £1.68 (at the time of posting this review) this ebook is well worth its price.


Connor McKenzie said...

Thanks for the thoughtful review, Steve - much appreciated.
Connor McKenzie

Leigh D'Ansey said...

A wonderful review. I love Connor McKenzie's stories.

larry gebert said...

I bought this one in Feb.Looks good.