Wednesday 20 June 2012

The Ranch Next Door

By Elisabeth Grace Foley
ebook, October 2011
CreateSpace paper book, March 2012

The Ranch Next Door
Disturbing the Peace
Cross My Heart
A Rangeland Renaissance
Angel Unawares
The Outlaw’s Wife
Delayed Deposit

After only reading the first tale in this collection of short stories I found myself becoming a fan of Elisabeth Grace Foley’s writing. Her descriptions of both people and settings are superbly done and dialogue is believable. I can honestly say there isn’t a weak story to be found here.

The opening tale seems at first to be the usual boy from cattle ranch falls for girl from sheep ranch story that can only lead to trouble. How this is resolved is through a superb twist that I didn’t see coming that adds a fresh angle to this theme.

Disturbing the Peace is an award-winning tale about self-discovery. A Rangeland Renaissance is full of humour and comic situations. Like the first story, The Outlaw’s Wife is a twisting tale that offers unforeseen surprises.

As soon as I finished one story I found myself diving into the next, eager to read more of these beautifully told tales. 

I believe that all western fans will find something to enjoy in this collection and I hope it isn’t too long before Elisabeth Grace Foley puts out a full length western, or another selection of short stories.


MK McClintock said...

Great review! I too enjoyed The Ranch Next Door and enjoying seeing that others feel the same way.

Jo Walpole said...

I bought this after I read your review and I'm enjoying it so far. :)