Friday 24 February 2012

A Message for McCleod

By Emmett Stone
Hale, February 2012

Tom McCleod, relentlessly pursued by three riders, learns that a young woman he once knew has disappeared. Where is Sandy Kruger? Riding with the outcast Cherokee George, McCleod sets out on a quest to find her.

Can Sandy herself survive? She is one woman against the wilderness. And to make matters worse, she is being hunted by a merciless gang of gunslicks led by the owner of the Cinch Buckle, the very ranch from which she has escaped. McCleod will need his wits and his guns as the dangerous trail unwinds towards the final encounter. There are secrets to be revealed, but will McCleod find Sandy in time?

Emmett Stone has created some excellent characters in McCleod, Cherokee George and Sandy Kruger, each having their own identities that make you care about what happens to them. The story switches between them regularly so the reader can keep up with what is happening to each as the mystery revolving around why the gunslicks are eager to find Sandy deepens, all the author tells the reader is it has something to do with the small wooden box which Sandy keeps her poems in. The box isn’t the only mysterious element to the plot, there’s also the dead man who appears to be alive again…how can this be?

Emmett Stone’s book races towards its final shoot-out at an ever increasing speed, and by the end all the plot threads are resolved neatly and I was left with the feeling of being thoroughly entertained.

A Message for McCleod is officially released on February 29th but is available now.

If searching for this book on Amazon and you don't use to above links then please note the different spelling of McCleod / McLeod on book and Amazon lisings. You may want to consider this if searching at other booksellers too.


Unknown said...

I don't think the discrepancy in the title began with Amazon. Hale have "McLeod" in their pdf headed "Black Horse Western Schedule". Therefore it's "McLeod" in the current Black Horse Extra online magazine, too.

Steve M said...

I added that note because if you search for it with the name spelt McCleod Amazon comes up blank. :)