Wednesday 15 February 2012

Bloody Trail to Kansas

By Steven Clark
Solstice Westerns, 2011

Kansas, 1875. Kane’s reason for living is simple: track down and kill the men who brutalized and murdered his young wife. On his vengeance trail, he makes his living using the skills he learned during the war while serving under the notorious guerrilla captain Bloody Bill Anderson.

Kane is accosted by Frank Weaver, a man familiar with the ex-guerrilla’s growing reputation as a gun-for-hire. Weaver’s wife has been kidnapped by a local baron who serves as the town mayor, sheriff and chief judge. Joining up with Weaver and his young sons, Kane takes on the mayor’s small army of roughnecks, encouraged by the fact that one of them is his old enemy, Guillaume Vincent, a professional gunfighter. 

As Kane battles the corrupt forces of the town, he leaves a bloody trail of carnage and spent bullets in his wake. Before he’s finished, the guerrilla man encounters a truth he didn’t see coming and has much to reckon with from his past.

This is the first in a new series that will see Kane hunting down the killers of his wife over a number of books, for in this one The Guerrilla Man’s vengeance trail is interrupted by being talked into helping the Weaver family. Of course the fact that one of the mayor’s hired guns is one of the men Kane is seeking helps make Kane’s mind up.

The book is very easy to read and has an impressive death toll. Kane often finding himself badly outnumbered in gunfights and the skills he learnt as one of Bloody Bill Anderson’s Guerrilla fighters being called on to keep him alive.

As the story progresses it becomes apparent that some of the characters have hidden secrets, and Kane soon starts to feel suspicious of Frank Weaver’s motives. All is not well within the Weaver family that is for sure as is witnessed by the elder son’s activities that soon put Kane’s life in danger.

Although Kane is still grieving the loss of his wife he finds himself attracted to the preacher’s daughter. Could he possibly find new love? That’s something I’m not going to reveal here, you’ll have to read the book yourself to find out the answer, and I’m sure you’ll be thoroughly entertained by the rest of the story whilst doing so.

The end of the book hints of more to come and I for one hope that the wait isn't too long.

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