Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Trailsman #349

by Jon Sharpe
Signet, November 2010

After infuriating some hotheads in Santa Fe, Skye Fargo aims to shuck out of town at a gallop. His plans are thwarted when a local nun begs him to guide two young women through the mountains to join her order. But to do the Lord’s work, the Trailsman is going to have to face down the bandito Fermin Terreros – a man who could terrify the devil himself….

The odds sure stack up against Skye Fargo getting out of this one alive when his weakness for helping women sees him taking on twenty plus bandits alone, not to mention a handful of Apaches too. And then there’s the women he’s protecting, one who seems intent on getting them all killed in her quest to become a nun.

The book is filled with wonderful characters: Sister Angelina, who has a surprising past and some hidden motives for bringing The Trailsman and the two young women together. Dalila, who doesn’t want to be a nun. Terreros, who will stop at nothing to kill them all - to name just a few.

Tough opposition brings out some of the more brutal traits within The Trailsman, which means there’s some savage action to be found within this books pages. The author also includes some lighter moments of humour, mostly in the dialogue spoken by Fargo.

Settings are well described, as are the characters. The fight sequences are savage at times and are depicted well, and with the number of people trying to stop The Trailsman the violence comes regularly and should offer more than enough for any fan of action-packed books.

And just when you think you know how the story will turn out the author (in this case David Robbins writing as Jon Sharpe) throws in another twist to throw you off track.

If you’re a fan of the Trailsman series this is a book you shouldn’t miss. If you’ve never read a Trailsman book, then this would be an excellent place to start.

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