Sunday, 14 November 2010

The Fighting Man

by Alan Irwin
A Black Horse Western from Hale, November 2010

Young Rob Sinclair, the son of a homesteader in the Wyoming Territory, has never handled a pistol, rifle or shotgun in his life, but when his parents are killed by the Nolan gang, he is determined to bring the culprits to justice.

Everyone knows that only a real fighting man would stand a chance of defeating the Nolan gang but Rob doesn’t give up that easily. He persuades a retired bounty hunter to pass on some of his own fighting skills and then he sets out on his search for the killers. His journey takes him all the way to the Texas Panhandle but what awaits him there? And can he complete such a perilous mission alone?

Alan Irwin has been having westerns published by Hale since 1990 and between then and now he has notched up thirty titles, with more to come. A few of his books can be found in my collection but I’ve never got around to reading any of them until now.

The Fighting Man is written in a fairly simple style, which is very readable. The book moves swiftly from one burst of action to another as Sinclair tracks his prey. Along the way he’ll find love and a new life. In fact I found it quite refreshing to see that Sinclair gets married during the story – rather than left as a will happen at the end of the book as many BHW’s seem to finish – and the hunt for his parents killers continues after this happy event.

Alan Irwin doesn’t take time to describe settings and people in much detail, if at all, something I felt I’d like a little more of as it would have helped me envision the locations and created atmosphere.

If you enjoy books with a straightforward traditional storyline, with uncomplicated plots, that offer a couple of hours of pure escapism, then this book should be added to your reading list.

The Fighting Man is officially released at the end of the month, but is available to order now.

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