Sunday, 27 September 2009

The Trailsman #335

as by Jon Sharpe

Signet, September 2009

Skye Fargo has seen a lot of scam artists, and the Trahearne brothers are pure gold. Conning people with crocodile tears and fixed fights, they support themselves and their lovely sister, Laurie. Fargo knows their game. But so does Owen Mullaney – their latest dupe and a man with a killer reputation. Now the only thing between the Trahearnes and the bottom of the Mississippi River is the Trailsman.

This book is filled with superbly drawn characters, from the Trahearne brothers and sister, to Alexis Rimbard and Emory. In fact the two girls, Laurie and Alexis provide one of the most entertaining scenes in the book, as Fargo becomes an object of desire for them both.

What starts out as a fairly straightforward plot soon plunges into mystery as Fargo and the Trahearnes board the riverboat and the Trailsman becomes suspicious of a guarded cargo. Even when he discovers the guards are army personal things still don’t ring true and the plot then moves through a number of twists and turns as it races to its exciting climax.

There’s plenty of action as is to be expected both from this series and from author James Reasoner, the writer behind the pseudonym of Jon Sharpe for this particular entry into the Trailsman series. With a couple of surprising revelations about a one or two of the characters, all the plot threads are neatly tied up.

If you’re a fan of James Reasoner’s work, the Trailsman books, or are just looking for a fast moving western to read, then I’d suggest picking up a copy of this as soon as possible.

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