Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Lone Star #21

as by Wesley Ellis
Jove, May 1984

Half-breed James “Two Wolves” Campbell had only one thing in mind: to kill the man who had poisoned his people and used the Apaches to spread terror in the West. In him, Ki met his match in battle, and Jessie found some of the most passionate moments of her life. Together they fought to uproot the greatest evil the West had ever known.

This is an easy to read, action packed, story that has Jessie and Ki riding alongside a great character in James Campbell, a man who gets his hooks into Jessie’s emotions, allowing the author to show a more vulnerable side to Jessie than other books have done, particularly when Two Wolves foresees his own death.

At first you wonder as to the outcome as Jessie is planning to do business with Lowell Henry, the man Campbell wants to kill, causing a conflict of interests for Jessie.

There are some great descriptions of hand-to-hand combat and plenty of gunfights as the story races to its savage conclusion.

I did wonder as to why the book was called Apache Revenge as Two Wolves is half Comanche, but that’s only a slight criticism, as there is a little bit of Apache revenge near the end.

In conclusion this was a very enjoyable entry into this long running series.

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