Thursday, 15 March 2018

Hot Lead - issue one

Issue one of Hot Lead, a new hardcopy western fanzine is now available via Amazon.

This first issue contains 60 pages and all about the books written by a group of writers known today as The Piccadilly Cowboys. Inside you will find an interview with Terry Harknett, who wrote mostly as George G. Gilman and under this pseudonym put out the following three series, Edge, Adam Steele and The Undertaker.

You’ll also find detailed looks at both Herne the Hunter and Crow, along with a review of one book from every Piccadilly Cowboy series.

Hot Lead has been put together by editor Justin Marriott, ghost editor Paul Bishop with contributions from myself, Steve Myall.

Issue two is almost ready to go and will feature the Art of the Western and issue three will be about the American Adult Westerns.

So, please grab a copy and help make this fanzine a success.


chris haynes said...

I ordered my copy today. According to Amazon, I should have it in my grubby hands by Sunday. I'm really looking forward to reading it.

KR said...

Is there a plan to make it available in e-book version? I'm interested in it but $10 for 60 pages is pricy - more than most print magazines, certainly more cost per page than most mass market paperbacks.

Steve M said...

At this time there aren't any plans to make it available as an e-book.

Duane Spurlock said...

Sounds great! It was mail-order fanzines of the 1970s that introduced me to the wider world of fandom.

Anonymous said...

Just ordered it on Amazon this past Friday night -should be here Monday (mimes rubbing hands together gleefully).

Larry Eischen said...

Got mine the other day. It's an excellent survey of the Picadilly Cowboys and I'm already adding Herne The Hunter books to my Kindle.