Wednesday 23 November 2016

Fastest Gun Around

By Tell Cotten
Solstice Publishing, October 2016

Rondo Landon is on his way to Midway, Texas, when misfortune strikes. Meanwhile, Lee Mattingly and Brian Clark have their own problems as they meet their new business partner.

It isn’t until their paths cross that they realize their troubles are connected, and they join forces. Along the way, they encounter new enemies, revenge, relationships, and an odd horse.

With every release, Tell Cotten’s army of fans increases, all of us eager for each new book and once that is read we immediately anticipate the next in this exciting series. Yes, the Landon Saga is a series, one that carries some storylines over into the next book, that often refers to what has gone before, meaning it is probably best if you read them in order. Having said that Tell Cotten does include a little background to his characters before the story begins thus meaning you can read, and enjoy this book without having read the rest.

This story follows the continuing fortunes and misfortunes of Rondo Landon and Lee Mattingly, with most of the tale told in the first person through Rondo. When switching to scenes that don’t involve Rondo, Cotton tells his story in the third person. The blend from first to third and back again is so smoothly done you don’t notice it’s happened.

Filled with plenty of action, how-they-going-get-out-of-that situations, twists and turns, some comical laugh-out-loud moments in both dialogue and the antics revolving around the odd horse (which the author explains in a note at the end) and you have everything anyone could ask for in a western.

Once again Tell Cotten proves to me that I am right in saying he is one of the best Western writers working today and if you haven’t read him yet then I’ve got to ask why not as I’m sure all fans of this genre will enjoy his stories and then be joining me, and countless others, looking forward to the next in the series, Midway.

Available as an ebook too.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for review, Steve! As usual, you do a great job. I always enjoy reading your reviews and finding new westerns to read ~ Tell Cotten

Anonymous said...

Tell Cotton is not only one of the best western novelist writing today, he is also one of the most underrated. I am surprised by how many western readers are still unaware of Tell Cotton's work. If you know a western fan who has yet to discover Tell Cotton...well...I suggest that "Fastest Gun Around" would make a great Christmas gift.

Jim Meals
(James Clay)