Sunday 22 May 2016


By Tell Cotten
Solstice Publishing, April 2016

When Rondo Landon discovers his wife has been taken captive during a daring Indian raid, he’s determined to find her. April Gibson is also taken, and the Landons, Lee Mattingly, and others take out after them. 

Along the way, they encounter someone from the Landon’s past, a war chief out for blood, a thunderstorm, relationships, and tough decisions.

Once again Tell Cotten has written a very difficult to put down book. Split into a number of different parts and told in the third person Tell Cotten often switches between the various characters, more often than not leaving them in a dangerous situation that will ensure you keep reading.

The previous books have always had very strong female roles and this continues that tradition with Rachel Landon and April Gibson having to find hidden strengths to survive being kidnapped by the Apaches. The why is something the Landon men will have to struggle to understand but of course this is less important than getting their women back.

Lee Mattingly will also have to fight another battle, that of admitting his love for April and having to compete with another posse member, Jeremiah Wisdom, for her heart – if they succeed in getting her back alive.

Tell Cotten fills the book with action, be it gunplay or a deadly storm that produces some life-threatening flooding. Dialogue is believable and often laced with humour. There’s also a couple of neat twists, not least the introduction of a new Landon family member – but can he be trusted?

Like the earlier stories this one can be read as a stand-alone novel as the author includes enough information on what has gone before to fill new readers in on the events that continue those begun in previous books. To really appreciate all the relationships and past struggles I would very much suggest you read the whole series in order.

In my opinion Tell Cotten is right up there with the very best western authors writing today, or in the past, and I am really looking forward to book nine in the series.


Unknown said...

Thank you for the kind compliments, Steve. I always enjoy reading your reviews! Tell Cotten

westcrazed said...

I agree, Tell Cotton is among the very best western writers, past or present. I also echo the sentiment that this series can be best appreciated if the books are read in order. I am tempted to declare that "Warpath" is Tell Cotton at his best but he keeps getting better.

James Clay

Unknown said...

James clay I agree can't wait for the next one

Unknown said...

I have found the entire landon saga series to be fun and very entertaining I think mr cotton is a master at his craft of you are a western fiction fan than mr cottons books are a must read can't wait for the next one

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the kind remarks! James, you write excellent westerns as well! ~ Tell Cotten