Sunday, 6 March 2016

The Gunsmith is back in print

When Jove decided to stop publishing THE GUNSMITH series by J.R. Roberts with book 399: Death in the Family published March 2015, the man behind the pseudonym, Robert J. Randisi, searched for a new publisher so that the series could continue.

The ebook rights were quickly snapped up by Piccadilly Publishing and April 2015 saw #400: The Lincoln Ransom appear in ebook stores. A new ebook has been published every month since. 

It was hoped that a different publisher would produce paperback versions to tie in with the publication of the ebooks but for reasons unknown to me this never happened.

Almost a year later THE GUNSMITH has returned in print form. Published by Pro Se Productions books 400 and 401 have become available through Amazon in February 2016 (I’m not sure if they can be bought elsewhere). So for those of you who prefer books printed on paper and have missed buying your Gunsmith books in this form then what are you waiting for?

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oscar case said...

Number 400! How many different ways can you write a western? Answer: Aslong as people keep reading them.