Sunday 29 November 2015

They Rode Together

By Tell Cotten
Solstice Publishing, November 2015

When a violent attack leaves cowman J.T. Tussle in trouble, the Landons and Lee Mattingly are quick to come to his aid. Tussle must get his yearlings to market, and they embark on a cattle drive to Fort Worth. Along the way, they get caught up in herd cutters, a bounty hunter, relationships, thunderstorms, and each other.

Tell Cotten has once more come up with a very fast moving story in his Landon Saga series. This time the whole book is written in the third person rather than being part third and first as many of the previous books have been. Due to the fact that all the major characters from the series are in this, and the story switches regularly between them and no one person takes centre stage so to speak, I guess it was easier to make the story flow by sticking to the third person.

If you’ve never read one of the Landon books before I’m going to suggest that it might be wise to start from the beginning as this book continues and concludes a number of storylines carried over from the earlier books. Of course Tell Cotten leaves a couple more plot threads hanging for continuation in the next book of the series.

Much of the story is dialogue driven and there’s some great and often tense conversations laced with humour. Tell Cotten’s action scenes make for exciting reading and they come thick and fast throughout the story. During all this there is time for developing romance but I can’t say any more about that as I don’t want to spoil anything for those who are following the series and have yet to read this book.

Tell Cotten also includes a real historical person, John T, Lytle, into the mix.

Top class entertainment from a top class western author. A writer all fans of the western should be reading. Roll on book eight in the series: Warpath, it can’t come soon enough for me.

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Thanks for the great review, Steve! Your reviews are the best.